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Wheat So Fuck?

Destroyer of beauty.
Purveyor of strange.
Creator of sound.

I like websites do you guys like websites?


pixel sorting, my own implementations and asdf

Just in time for halloween! I’ve been playing with more found samples and filtering them. I discovered that motors when filtered properly and given a nice reverb sound spooky as fuck.  Enjoy the ambiance. Decorate your porch on halloween wit it.

More data bends, this time, IN SPACE

Been databending today

I made a sound

I recently got a portable recorder (zoom h6), so I recorded a bunch of sounds around my apartment and made a song with them (namely featured here are my singing bowl, a wok, and my tub).

And then put alien noises over it because what good is a song without aliens….? No good thats what.

What are the aliens telling you?

made a new fb header

made a new fb header

I’ve been making new patches all day, lots of pads/arpeggiation/rhythmic stuff with a trippy/IDM nent.

Came up with this really cool patch in Z3ta+ 2. The whole track is only a melancholy chord progression into one instance of z3ta+ 2, despite it sounding like a few layers. I then fuck with the FX live and jam out. There’s even more sounds to have out of it, but the main controls are real finicky and its hard to nail the sweet-spots, so I left them alone.

Warning: towards the end it gets noisey/high pitchey


i slowly walk into the office with my surfboard and announce that ‘surfs down’ everyone starts screaming and crying, a man is saying ‘no’ over and over and crumples to the floor, i knock over several computers and cubicle walls with my surfboard as i jump through the window shattering it, as i fall the wind reminds me of all the times surf was up. i hit the pavement and die instantly

Dickin around

Yer Totaled. Packed in a bag like a yodel.

U Crack Basin’?

1 year ago

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